Talc-Ovarian Cancer by the Numbers

21,000 – Number of U.S. women diagnosed with ovarian cancer per year.

14,000 – Number of women who die of ovarian cancer per year. More women die of ovarian cancer than any other malignancy of the female reproductive system.

1 in 53 – Female talc users will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. Most ovarian cancers are diagnosed at a late stage, narrowing prospects for a cure. Cancers are detected late because there is no formal screening method.

2,500 – Number of ovarian cancer diagnoses in which talc use was a contributing factor.

1,500 – Number of ovarian cancer deaths every year blamed on talc exposure.

13 – 2 – Initial vote count by National Toxicology Program scientists to list talc as a possible carcinogen.

26 – Published scientific studies that have found a statistically significant link between perineal talc use by women and ovarian cancer.

“It was really clear they [Johnson & Johnson] were hiding something”
– jury foreman Krista Smith in Bloomberg/Newsweek interview